All sessions will be made available on WebEx for attendees who cannot attend the live event.  

The session chair and the presenters will be present in the room 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Oral Sessions

The presenters will upload their presentations in the computer made available from the organizers. Allowed file formats: pdf, ppt, pptx.

To keep the conference on track, it is important that each session begins and ends promptly. Session chair will introduce presenters, track time and alert the presenter of remaining time at suitable intervals.

Each presenter has 10 minutes to present – 8 minutes of presentation and two minutes for Q&A. The presenter must end his or her presentation once notified by the chair. The order of presenters is as appears in the schedule.

Questions coming via WebEx will be read out by the chair.

For remote presentations: Only when it is your turn to present: 1.Unmute your audio; 2. Turn on video; 3. Share your screen. After the Q&A : 4.Mute your audio; 5. Turnoff video, and 6. End screen share.

Poster Sessions

Posters must be oriented in a “portrait” format and has dimensions of 90 cm wide and 120 cm tall (approximately 35in wide and 47in tall), to contain A0 posters (84,1 × 118,9 cm).

Poster sessions are a good medium for authors to present papers and meet with interested attendees for in‐depth technical discussions. In addition, attendees find the poster sessions a good way to sample many papers in parallel sessions. Thus, it is important that content of the poster is shown noticeably to attract people who might have an interest in the research. There is not a specific template for posters.

Posters must be placed in the spaces provided half an hour before the start of the poster session.
At the end of the session, each presenter must collect the poster, otherwise it will be destroyed.