3 September 2022
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2 June 2022
2021 IEEE InternationalConference on Environment andElectrical Engineering and 2021IEEE Industrial and CommercialPower Systems Europe(EEEIC / I&CPS EUROPE 2021)

Tracing battery usage for second life market with a blockchain-based framework pp 262-267

A Feasibility Study for the Transition to Electric Mobility in the Island of Favignana, pp 780-785

Demand Response for Integrating Photovoltaic Plants in Lampedusa Island, pp 1221-1226

2 June 2022
Effects of COVID19 pandemic on the Italian power system and possible countermeasures, Electric Power Systems Research

4 May 2022
BLORIN 2022 1st Workshop on BLOckchain for Renewables INtegration 2022

BLORIN 2022 è il primo workshop internazionale sull’applicazione della blockchain per l’integrazione delle energie rinnovabili nei moderni sistemi energetici.